Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

Paulette's coaching sessions help people to overcome many issues they are facing in their lives. These sessions are not "readings" but rather they leverage Paulette's strong intuition and her background in psychology.

Her coaching packages are great for helping people to overcome issues and move forward. Some of the benefits include: moving forward and making decisions, helping money to come in, help finding and following your dreams, changing patterns that keep you stuck, among many others.

Coaching Packages

Package Cost Savings Extra Support
1 Session $250
3 Sessions / 3 Weeks $450 Save $150
6 Sessions / 6 Weeks $900 Save $300
8 Sessions / 8 Weeks $1200 Save $400

Extra Support

Some packages include Extra Support. This gives you one hour of time to call and discuss the things you are going through as they come up. As you work through the program, you will often be unlocking doors to new thoughts and feelings. This gives you a chance to talk about them as they occur.

To schedule a coaching session please contact me.