Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

Paulette does more than readings! She also offers spiritual counseling & coaching to help you release blockages and update old belief systems that no longer serve you. She helps you to get in touch with your own intuition to become the best version of yourself.

These sessions are not "readings" but rather they leverage Paulette's strong intuition and her background in psychology.

Her coaching packages are great digging deep and overcoming blockages. Some of the benefits include: moving forward and making decisions, helping money to come in, help finding and following your dreams, changing patterns that keep you stuck, among many others.

Coaching Packages

Package Cost Savings
1 Session $200 $170 Save $30
3 Sessions / 3 Weeks $600 $510 Save $90
6 Sessions / 6 Weeks $1200 $1020 Save $180
8 Sessions / 8 Weeks $1600 $1360 Save $240

To schedule a coaching session please contact me.