Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

Her coaching packages are great digging deep and overcoming blockages. Some of the benefits include: moving forward and making decisions, helping money to come in, help finding and following your dreams, changing patterns that keep you stuck, among many others.

More than Just Mediumship

Paulette can do more for her clients than connecting them with their loved-ones who have passed. These things can offer even more benefits to the well-being of her clients on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

These services are not "readings" but rather they leverage Paulette's strong intuition and her background in psychology and knowledge of things like EFT, which she is certified in.

Paulette often sees immediate shifts in her clients' energy during her EFT sessions.

What is EFT?

EFT, also called "Tapping", stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”. EFT involves physically tapping on various acupuncture points on the body while being guided intuitively. This is good for digging deep to remove: blockages, fear, feelings of being stuck, anxiety, sadness, anger, money blockages, chakra clearing, and procrastination. The best version of yourself can then flow through unobstructed and you can more effortlessly realize your dreams.

Coaching Packages

Package Cost Savings
1 Session $200 $180 Save $20
3 Sessions / 3 Weeks $600 $510 Save $90
6 Sessions / 6 Weeks $1200 $1020 Save $180
8 Sessions / 8 Weeks $1600 $1360 Save $240

To schedule a coaching session please contact me.