This is my 1st time doing something like this. It was unbelievable. Paulette made me feel so comfortable and helped me to understand what was happening in my life and ways to cope and to heal. I now feel more connected to the ones that have passed and have answers to questions that have held me back or that have weighed so heavily on me. She is such a caring individual. I would recommend anyone that has never experienced this before to allow Paulette to help guide you. Thank you for being you!

~ Gina Sargent-Sisk

Paulette is a living example of how compassion and kindness can heal. I felt more seen, validated, and guided in my one session with Paulette than with any other therapy or relationship outlet. After meeting with her, I feel connected with my true identity and vocation in life, and excited to move forward with clarity.

~ Kim
Business Owner

Paulette is not only a wonderful psychic, she is a genuinely warm and loving person! She really CARES and you can FEEL it! Paulette has guided me at various times in my life and always 'spot on'. Even though I am a psychic and healer myself...sometimes I get a blind spot when it comes to my own issues. I have been friends with Paulette for several years. I love calling on her when I need some extra help! Even though I am a healer myself...I find I sometimes get a blind spot when it comes to my own issues. Paulette is loving, kind and very accurate! You will be so glad you reached out to her.

~ Rebecca Marina
Healer, psychic, author
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Even though I have only seen Paulette once, our time was like visiting with someone I’ve known for years. Amazingly accurate, insightful and inspiring, I’m looking forward to seeing her again!

~ Lee Fields

I’ve been having readings with Paulette since 1996. I have admit out of curiosity I have tried other psychic mediums but I can truly say they just do not have the sincerity and warmth like Paulette does. She is very concerned and interested in what you have to say and you soon feel like you are talking to an old friend. She is the best!

~ Theresa Hron
Medical Assistant

Once again Paulette never ceases to amaze me!! She is so warm and so easy to talk to. Like an old friend you've known forever. I started having sessions with Paulette since 1995 and just had one yesterday. She takes her time, you don't feel rushed or uneasy at all! Thanks Paulette!!!

~ Theresa Hron
Medical Transcription

I have known Paulette for 16 years and she has helped me through many trials. She has taught me how to listen to my inner self taught me how important it is to love myself in order to bring positive things into my life.

~ Ginny Henson
Small Business Owner
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Paulette has not only helped me move past some things I have struggled with but also helped guide me down a path to seeing things in a completely different way. I can see how fundamentally important it is for people to get the type of healing and guidance she offers.

~ Brandon Henson
Web Developer
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